Airbrush Spray Tan

No Apologies Necessary


Photo by A Traveler's Heart Photography

 love what I do; I love turning ladies and gentlemen into beautiful bronze goddess and gods!  Frequently I am told that after a spray tan:  “I feel more confident”, “It just gives me a life and color”, and “I feel refreshed”. Every time I hear someone say they feel more positive about themselves after receiving a spray tan it is the greatest compliment I could receive.

However, there is one thing I dislike about spray tanning.  Every time a person comes in and says these 3 little words. But it is probably not what you think…


“I AM SORRY for my body”….

“I AM SORRY you have to see me like this”….

“I AM SORRY for my mom body”…

The list of “I AM SORRY’s“, continues with so many of my clients/friends.

Current Clients, Friends, and Future Clients: please do not apologize for the way you look. You are exquisite. You might have stretch marks, wrinkles, sagging skin, or some extra lbs. but none of that matters! All of these are signs you have lived and we all have flaws.  You are beautiful and handsome in many ways other than your looks.  Please know I am not judging your looks.  I am doing my job and focusing on my craft of making sure you step out and feel like the beauty you are.

Remember I am here for you!

Photo by A Traveler's Heart Photography

I am here so that you get a wonderful sun kissed glow without the dangers of the harmful UV rays.

The next time you get a tan by me or anybody for that matter just remember – don’t apologize for being who you are. You are wonderful and special regardless of what you look like.  We are all professionals and are not judging you at all.

So come and get your custom airbrush spray tan with no apologies necessary.

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