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What I have learned in the 1st Year of Business – From My Clients

What I have learned in my First Year of Business?

From my Clients

Well it has been one year since my grand opening and I must say I have learned so much. This blog post will be about my growth as a professional in the beauty industry.

makeup artist


Ok so I must admit that when I was in makeup artistry school (10 years ago…holy cow how can it be that long ago) it was a completely different ballgame. The world of “instagram makeup artist” as I call them had not yet become a fad. Not everyone and their mother was obsessed with transforming themselves into a movie star on a daily basis; and because of this the beauty industry has taken on a whole new meaning of an MUA. My job no longer was only trying to perfect flawless skin and play up eyes while highlighting your favorite features BUT now changing your face shape completely and framing your face with eyebrows that you do not actually have. Holy Moly that is a lot to catch up to!

Because I took a hiatus from being a full time makeup artist and only was using it as a means for extra cash while I took on the corporate world I was out of date! After working with several other professionals in the industry I made it my mission to step up my game and take advice from my fellow peers and work on several of my underdeveloped skills (cough* cough* eyebrows and darker skin tones).I hated that I felt ill prepared when trying to fill in eyebrows or being told “you can’t do darker skin tones”)  and realized my shortcomings so I began to practice on everyone in sight that I could! I would be hanging out with friends and ask “hey can I do your eyebrows or oh you have darker skin let me match you”, by doing so I have reach greater levels in my techniques and made many friends in the process of practicing and help improve myself. So I have learned that practice is always necessary because things change rapidly in this industry and it is important to stay up-to-date !

Amanda Amador Photograhy
Amanda Amador Photograhy

Less Is More

So I love all my clients but I will admit that sometimes giving you exactly what you want is harder than you think! I always ask for my clients to bring me multiple pictures of both hair and makeup so I can best meet their expectations to the ending result.

For months I took the client’s pictures and discussion and duplicated it to the best of my abilities and would feel so satisfied with myself to only hear  – “Oh that is why too much makeup for me” when looking in the mirror. Oh was I heartbroken each and every time and I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong- I gave them what they told me they wanted. But boy was I wrong! Many clients love the idea of certain looks but once they have it, it is  way too much for them. After this happened several times I learned a new method – I looked through their ideas – then went two shades lighter than the pictures given. It began to really work out well both for me and for my clients. Too much makeup can scare people and it is much easier to add than take away. This goes for hair too –

Well if you know me, you know I like big hair and I can easily get anyone’s hair to stand up (but their are those tricky few) however…not everyone has the same idea of “The closer the hair, the closer to Jesus” attitude I do so I have began going lower with the hair than the pictures or what is discussed then letting the client look in the mirror and let me know if bigger would be better. I can always make it bigger and yes make it smaller but it is a lot easier to make it bigger than tame it down.

Photo by A Traveler's Heart Photography
Photo by A Traveler’s Heart Photography

Not ALL solutions work for ALL skin tones

When I first began spray tanning I made promises…lots of promises:


NEVER* streaky

NEVER* orange

NEVER* any problems

Well I have learned a lot over the last year. Although, I will remain saying that spray tans when done professionally most of the time do have fantastic results; however, I have seen some mishaps that I didn’t expect. Some of these mishaps are the fault of the client, my fault, and unforeseen issues.

Lotions, oils, and deodorants can all be factors in which can cause streaking and additional problems such as alligator skin. Luckily after a few unfortunate mishaps I am now able to provide my clients with information on be fully prepped before arriving for their tan. By the way DOVE soap is the worst thing ever for a spray tan or the off brand of dove soap. Don’t use it before or after a tan!

Oh my my the dreaded orange word. Everyone has this horrible idea that they will come out looking like Ross from Friends. But guys 99% of the time that will NOT happen. However…certain medications can complicate how the color develops on the skin. EEKK yes I know that is not what you want to hear. But I will admit after trying many different solutions and now caring 3 different lines, I generally am able to pick a solution that will leave you look like the glowing god or goddess you wish to be.

Lupus, eczema, and psoriasis: they can cause issues for spray tanning. After having a very dear client and friend come to me frequently, we discovered that when she is having a lupus flare the clear lesions on her body pick up the spray tan heavily because of the dry patch. Oh did I feel horrible about this but because of becoming aware of this I can use additional barrier cream in dry areas of the skin and a more moisturizing aloe based solution. So everyone remember to tell me if you have any of these ailments!

In the last year I have been able to develop my skills with each problem that has unfolded. So when issues arise I now take it as a learning experience and find out the root of the cause. Even though I always feel terrible for any issues that can develop after a tan but I do feel much better when I can officially tell a client I have uncovered the problem and please to come back again so I can fix it!


Thank you each and every person that has been a client, a friend, and my family. Thank you for helping me grow and learn to better myself and my business. I truly appreciate your support and guidance.

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