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GO EAT A CHEESEBURGER “What is skinny shaming?”

GO EAT A CHEESEBURGER “What is skinny shaming?”

My Personal Experience


“Go eat a cheeseburger”

“Eat a biscuit for once”

“You need some meat on your bones”

These,  plus many others are sayings I hear on a regular basis and when I say regular basis I don’t mean just monthly or weekly but daily.

Firstly I want to say that I love my body. I take pride in my figure and when I am ridiculed about my slender frame I do not become ashamed.

However, I am hurt – I am hurt because you believe I am unhealthy – I am hurt because you think I am telling you lies that I eat regularly – I am hurt because you feel my nutrition choices are because I am a slave to my image.


My body is my own and I made the decision to live a healthy and nutritional lifestyle to improve how I feel. In 2007 I was suggested by doctors to go gluten free which I followed for 3 months but it seemed too difficult and I easily went back to indulging in the glories of gluten. Well for the next several years my fibromyalgia worsened and I continually felt ill and nauseous and often throwing up after eating large amounts of gluten.

Finally I decided to take action and start my clean eating patterns. At age 28 averaging between 120-125 lbs at my heaviest, I lost 10lbs in 6 months and now average between 109-112 lbs. (For those of you that do not know me I am 5’2 and have a small frame so this is ideal weight for my size) Everyone around me soon became concerned that my weight loss was a problem and I began having scrutiny about how I looked. But for me I felt better than ever and enjoyed the way I looked. My fibromyalgia disappeared, I no longer felt bloated and nauseous every moment of the day, and my headaches have decreased. For me this was the best decision of my life. For me this was a life changing experience and my weight loss was just something that…happened.

So for those of you who see my weight and think I am too thin and discriminate against my eating habits please try to understand this isn’t about my weight. I choose this lifestyle to feel better and more alive. I eat the way I do so I can function better daily. When I say “no I can’t eat that” or “how much sugar is in that” don’t judge me because of my choices. I shouldn’t have to validate my health to you. I shouldn’t have to be embarrassed because I eat clean and I can’t eat the way others do.

So here I am telling you and explaining to you that:


I DO EAT – I DO indulge in dessert (healthier dessert but dessert)

I DO NOT care that you think I am too thin

But I DO care that you think I am UNHEALTHY because I have never felt better than when I am eating clean.

A special thank you to Johanna Dye Photography  for collaborating with me!

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