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Cleaning Eating for the Busy Bee

No this is not going to be an explanation on how easy it is to eat clean and food prep every week and explain how wonderful it it. NOT AT ALL!

Because clean eating can be difficult, it does take time, and sometimes it is frustrating but I love how I feel when I am eating clean so I have found what best works for me.

To start isaoff I have recently been introduced to a company called Isagenix by two good friends of mine. I am always very weary of products that make promises about changing your life for good and often am skeptical about the ingredients in them. However, after doing much research and using the products for a month I am hooked. Not only am I ingesting super foods packed with minerals but this is the most convenient clean eating product to grab and go!

I often start off my morning with a shake and depending on the rest of the day I have a second. With my busy schedule of dropping in and out of my studio this is a quick and easy new go to! If you are ever interested just let me know.


img_2992Next SNACKS are a MUST. I love snacks: if you ask any of my friends they will tell you I always have something in my bag to snack on when I am out and about. My blood sugar drops and I get HANGRY and no one wants that.

My favorite snacks are almonds, apples, any veggie, and sweet potatoes. You might think…how can you easily pack a sweet potato to eat? Well, I make it in the morning and
put it in my tiny back pack. That is why I always have a big bag…to keep all my snacks!


food-prepI do believe taking about 4 hours a week to meal prep. I know it might seem like a hassle but just think about the rest of the week when you do not have to prepare lunch or dinner. Just come home heat of the container and relax. It is so wonderful once you get in the habit of doing so.


gluten-freeLastly, I want to share an amazing APP that is my go to when it comes to finding Gluten Free places to eat. It is called Find Me Gluten Free : this is fantastic, especially when traveling and need to find  great restaurant that meets your needs.


If you are thinking about changing your eating habits and ditching the preservatives now is the time! Give it 2 weeks and you will be hooked on how you feel and the difference it makes.

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