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What I am most thankful for in 2016

One word can sum up what I am thankful for in 2016: support.

2016 has brought me so many life accomplishments, both personally and professionally and I couldn’t be more grateful for. This year has taught me how important it is to have a ”squad” that has your best interest at heart and is supportive of what you are doing in life.

Caroline Lima Photography
Caroline Lima Photography

Firstly, my biggest supporter and #1 fan is my husband. 2016 is the year we celebrated our marriage in front of our family, friends, and God. Even though, so many have claimed 2016 as being a “bad”year I will forever celebrate it as the start to my happy marriage. I am blessed to have a husband that stands by me and continues to help me throughout my business ventures (even when he is super tired and does not want to rebuild my entire studio…he does it anyways). If he would not have encouraged me to follow my true passion I might not have worked as hard and possibly have given up during the tough times. But because of his constant encouragement, I continue to strive to grow and prosper.


Image by Krista Lajara Photography
Image by Krista Lajara Photography


Gosh I couldn’t look back at this year and not think about the support from my parents and brother and sister-law. Gosh they had to put up with A LOT from me especially this year with the wedding. I think they all at one point just would have rather I eloped haha! But regardless they have always been encouraging and helping with my personal and professional growth. Mom and Dad you worked so hard on giving me a perfect wedding and helping me with buildinsupport-2016g and developing my business. Derek and Kim for doing so much to help the week of the wedding I will be forever grateful and Kim for helping me thru all the tears and anxiety! I bet you were ready for a vacation after that day!

My word of mouth loyalist! Every single one of you that is a friend, client, vendor that continuously share with others about my business, YOU make it possible for Sunshine Artistry to grow! Sharing, commenting, and inviting your friends via social media makes a large impact on reaching others! Every single one of you I am thankful for, your support is such a blessing.

Also, those of you that have let me practice any new solutions or techniques, your support is I truly friends-2016appreciate. I can’t thank you enough for being my guinea pigs! A shout out to Ashley and Candita you have been such good sports when you have no idea how things will come out but trust I know what I know what I am doing! Luckily everything has always come out pretty good. 

2016 has been a great year and I look forward to 2017!

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