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You Said Yes!

Photo by Amanda Amador

You said yes!

The question has been popped, the celebrations have been sung, and now is the time to start to plan the wedding of your dreams! Last year I was in the midst of food tasting, color swatches, vendor finding, and all the fun of prepping for the big day! As I recap the events I intend on blogging about the good, the bad, and ugly of all the details that go into a magical wedding day.

Recently engaged

Where to start

Get a notebook designated solely towards wedding ideas, plans, phone messages, and ect. I say this because I would write important messages down on random piece of paper and lose them even though I had a notebook. So you can not just get the notebook you must USE the notebook. I swear it will make your life easier when you are searching for that name and number of so and so that you spoke to last Friday and you can not seem to find where you put it.

Make a List

So unless you have an unlimited wedding dream budget you will have to make sure you stay within your monetary means. Another post will be about how to have your fantastic wedding on a budget but this is where you can start. So in order to stay within budget begin by making a list of what costs are most important to you. If you have always loved a certain venue and can not see yourself getting married anywhere but there make it a priority and cut cost other ways. I had 2 main important costs: my photographer and open bar. The funny thing is I don’t even drink but I wanted to provide that for my guest. Also, I was not going to skimp on my photographer and wanted to make sure the day was captured perfectly. For me writing out what was on the top of my list of importance I knew to work towards nailing down those vendors first.

Wedding Party

Picking your wedding party can be a challenge for some but for us it was a no brainer. My husband and I wanted to celebrate the big day with our closest friends by our side. It is important when picking out your guys and gals to be your partners in crime that they are excited about the big day and completely understanding what they are getting into.  Being in a wedding party cost time and money. It is important to explain to your party what your expectations are as being in your wedding.


The fun is beginning and it is time to ride this wild but fun ride that leads you up to walking down the aisle! I am excited to share more tips in upcoming blogs!

 Stay tuned 🙂 

Photos by Amanda Amador

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