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Valentine’s Day – Remember to Love Yourself

Today is all about love. A love that we share with everyone around us – friends/lovers/spouses but do we share this love with ourselves?

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I ask myself why is it so easy to love one another and not love yourself (well for me anyways)?

My entire brand and everything that I embody in the public eye is built on positivity and that sunshine – life  – loving attitude but when I get home, take off that smile- I break. My mind begins to replay all of the day’s events and I ask myself: I am good enough, whether my clients liked my work and even liked me. It is almost as if used all my positivity for those around me and I no longer can be positive to myself.

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The words I speak to myself are NEVER words I would speak to someone else. I would never tell anyone they are not good enough – not pretty enough – not smart enough : so why is it ok that I do it towards myself? Well it’s not. It’s not ok to hurt yourself with words and break yourself down to the point you lack confidence- so why do I it- why do so many others do it too? Because it is easier. It is easier to hate oneself and find the flaws rather than find the positive.

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I deserve to speak kindly to myself – I deserve to LOVE myself. And this year I am in the process of learning how to LOVE MYSELF.

How you ask?


What are affirmations? Stating encouraging words to myself.

I began to acknowledge the recurring negative words I spoke to myself and started stating the opposite to myself out loud.

Every morning I begin by telling myself my affirmations to start the day on a positive note. I will share an example:

What I WAS telling myself: You are not talented and your business is unsuccessful

How I tell myself the opposite: I am talented, I do wonderful work that others will want to book my services. My business has grown and continues to grow into a successful business.

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This might seem silly or unnecessary but using these affirmations my mind is not as likely to go in the negative. By reminding yourself daily of your purpose, your talents, your successes you will start to believe it. I know when I started I felt like the most awkward person EVER and did not even believe myself but as the days went on I began to enjoy the reminders, I began to believe it. Do I still have my moments where I question myself and get down on myself – YES! However, I bounce back quicker now and I know it will continue to get better.


I want those of you that doubt yourself, hate on yourself, lose positivity in your life to give it a shot. I think as adults it is so easy to forget how to love and respect yourself and we need a reminder.

So today as we celebrate loving others remember to love yourself too.

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