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Skin Cancer Awareness – Kimberly Campbell’s Story – Fayetteville, NC

During the month of May I wanted to share stories about those around me that have been affected by Skin Cancer and how it changed their lives. Of course I wanted to start off with my nearest and dearest sister in-law Kimberly Campbell. Below is her story and how she changed after being faced with multiple Skin Cancer Scares.

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“I used to visit tanning beds frequently. I started when I was a sophomore in high school and continued for about seven years. In 2009 I visited a dermatologist because of my family history with skin cancer. The doctor recommended I have three moles biopsied at that appointment. One of the biopsies, which was located under my right breast, came back as pre-cancerous. This required a very painful surgery to get clean margins. After my first pre-cancerous diagnosis, I had to have full body skin checks every six months.

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To date, I have had a total of eight moles biopsied, two of which were pre-cancerous and required surgery to get clean margins. These surgeries were not only painful, but they were incredibly scary. I remember thinking ‘What if they can’t get clean margins? What if it is full-blown cancer this time? What if it spreads?’ I have been extremely lucky with all of my final results so far and have not had to have any biopsies in the past three years. In fact, at my most recent doctor’s appointment I was finally decreased to checks only once a year!

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Spray tanning has been a game changer for me! I love that I can get the same great feeling and confidence of having bronzed skin without any risks or dangers. I will never spend another minute in a tanning bed and encourage others to try spray tanning too! I have no problem showing people my many scars when they question or doubt the dangers of tanning beds.” – Kimberly Campbell

Thank you so much for sharing Kim. I am so glad you have taken the time to share your story and change your life to protect yourself from further risking the dangers of skin Cancer.

All photos were taken by Krista Lajara Photogrpahy

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