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Cinderollies: A Generous Company with a Great Product

Ladies Ladies Ladies!

I want to tell you about a wonderful company with a wonderful product.


Cinderollies– Cinderollies are foldable ballet flats that are perfect for any occasion when you no longer can bare your heels! They are not just super cute but they are lightweight and come with their very own tote to perfectly throw in any purse or  bag. These convenient and stylish ballet flats make great bridesmaids gifts, wedding favors, or anytime your arches are ready for a break.

A good friend gave me a pair of these convenient and stylish shoes and shared an amazing story with me about the company. This is what my dear friend had shared with me about the company: 

Brittany Lockamy experience with Cinderollies –

“On February 10, 2017 I had the honor of volunteering with the Tim Tebow Foundation for their annual, world wide “Night to Shine”.Cinderollie_fayettevillenc2

Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

In the weeks leading up to the prom the committee was busy making decorations, ordering the catered food, preparing all of the special surprises for the guests and a hundred plus other things.

One of the ways I helped prepare for the event was by finding items to fill each guests swag bag. I began to reach out to businesses in the area and truly felt defeated by the lack of interest most of those contacts had in donating any items for the bags.

One afternoon I thought about something fun for the ladies who would attend that they could use that evening and also keep for the future. That’s when my vision became a reality!

I found a business on Facebook in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina named Cinderollies. These foldable ballet slippers came in a small but useful, beautiful bag. These would be perfect!

I decided on a whim to give the company a call and see if they had any bulk discounts so I could order and pay for these shoes for our Queens. (At $14 each I was crossing my fingers for a sweet deal.)

The owner, Chris, answered my call and his generosity swept me off my feet. He offered to ship me more than enough Cinderollies for each lady at no cost. Without hesitation, without a million questions, without anything but a good heart this man, who I had never met, was willing to donate $1000 worth of shoes.

My faith in humanity was restored. I hung up the phone, cried & began to pray. I thanked God for this business, their generosity and their leadership. I prayed that God would bless this business tremendously.

A couple weeks later I received a huge box full of Cinderollies for our queens of Night to Shine.

I decided the best way to give the shoes out would be to design an area in the “ballroom” where I could set up a throne like chair and treat each lady like the Queen they are.

As each female guest arrived they received a ticket for a pair of Cinderollies with directions to my location in the ballroom.

I have never seen so much joy on the faces of so many beautiful and unique women as I did that night. Each Queen was so excited about her new shoes and loved sitting in the special chair as I helped them choose the size and color they would need.


Thank you could never be enough for the gratitude I feel for Cinderollies and their owners. They helped so many women shine that night, including me. “

I was completely shocked with their generosity towards the “Night to Shine” Event and I wish I would have known about the company for my wedding. So if you are looking for a great bridesmaids gift check out Cinderollies. Cinderollies also offers a discount of 10% off when you order 6 or more. They also have a 40% bulk discount when you order 50 or more. You can mix and match any combination of sizes/colors you like from the following colors: Silver, Gold, Pewter, Black, Pearl and Nude.

Be to check them out!

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