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Finding Relief in a Stressful Life – Fayetteville, NC

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I am almost 30 and I forgot how to deal with stress. My 20s have been an amazing time filled with ups, downs, and life changing experiences (both good and bad). But as I am almost turning 30 I wonder why I let myself be filled with so much stress? Being an adult is hard, having responsibilities is hard, and owning your own business is very hard (satisfying but HARD). With all of that being said, I let myself get overwhelmed and let the stress take over.

My husband began to ask me “How do you not know how to handle stress? Don’t you have a stress reliever? Didn’t you learn as a kid how to deal with your stress?” and these questions made me think about how I release my stress. Well in my early 20s a bottle of wine and a good night out dancing would make me drift into a happy place and forget all my whoes. Fast forward to my late 20s and I no longer drink and I have not been out dancing in over a year and now the stress just builds up and hits me like a bag of bricks until I need to sleep for a full day to find relief.

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However, this year I signed up for Dancing with the Fayetteville Stars and convinced my good friends to partake with me which led me to remembering my stress reliever. From February to April I choreographed our dance and had weekly practices with my girl group and I was happier than ever (even though I was so SORE because it had been ages since I had danced). It was like a light bulb went on and I was taken back to the days when I danced/cheered 5 days a week and the feeling of satisfaction after I finished my hourly “therapy” sessions.

Since the debut of our 90s Girl Group dance performance I have picked up my tap shoes again and when I am feeling down or stressed I put them on and tap out all my frustration. I had forgotten for many years of my love and connection to dance and the joy it brings me. With almost a 10 year break I let myself drown in stress with no outlet, no cool down, no feeling of peace when I am overwhelmed and I am so thankful to find my inner peace through dance again.

I feel as adults we forget the joys we had as children and what truly brought us happiness. And as I approach 30 (in a month) I am determined to not let adulthood take away my inner child who loves dance, art, and creativity.

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How do you deal with stress? Do you miss something about your childhood you could pick back up? I encourage all of you that are having trouble dealing with stress to think about your youth and what made you happy and try it out again.

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