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I love photography – everything from baby, family, boudoir, wedding, fashion, and etc. At times I have thought about picking it up but why when there are so many AMAZING photographers in Fayetteville and that’s why I love working with all of them.

I wanted to write today on how I answer the question “Who would recommend for a photographer?” Well because there are many talented photographers in the area that I have had the pleasure to either work with, meet, or just check out their work – I can’t throw out just one! So I have set up a little questionnaire to help the inquiring individual looking for the perfect photographer to meet their needs.

And because I am a sensitive being I always wonder if the photographers I work with get bothered that I work with so many. Especially when so many of the local photographers have become close friends of mine. So I thought I would share my questions I ask the inquired mind about who they should book.

Here it is:

1. Price

Price is my first question because if I know their budget I can already begin the process of a recommendations. When they are unsure on their budget I help break it down for them.

2. Session Type





Depending on the type of photography depends on the photographer:



Styled Newborn

Lifestyle Newborn


Head Shot


Often times Photographers choose a niche that they most enjoy and they revolve their business on that niche.  And by knowing the purpose and style session you are looking for I can narrow the list of talent down even more.

3. Style

Some might not even think about this when they first start the search for a photographer. But there are a couple different styles to look for when choosing a         photographer. Here are the styles I show them to even further refine the search-


Light and Airy

Minimal vs heavy Photoshop


4. Location



These 4 different questions help me break down on recommending the perfect           photographer for the need of the individual. Once I have this information I   provide 3-4 photographers so they have options and can call the photographers and see which best fit for the time, budget, and vibe.

I love all my photographer friends and enjoy working with each and every onefayettevillencphotography of you and I  never want you to feel like I am not referring you to everyone but I try to help refer your best potential clients to you!

Cheers friends! Keep on Shooting 🙂


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