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Kasey Murphy: Beautifully Glowing Bride: Fayetteville, North Carolina Spray Tan Artist

“glow is the essence of beauty”-Estee Lauder


Meet Kasey Murphy a beautiful glowing bride – Kasey has naturally beautiful porcelain skin, however on her wedding day she wanted a subtle tan to make her stand out. The bride to be did not want to expose herself to the harmful rays of the tanning bed so she opted for the better solution – a custom airbrush spray tan.

Once talking sunless colors over with Kasey, I knew that a barely there spray tan was all she needed to achieve her perfect wedding day look. Kasey looked and felt gorgeous on her wedding day, she is beaming in all her pictures <3

What Kasey had to say-

I’ve always been fair skinned, and I love it, but on my wedding say I really wanted to glow. I was worried that if I went too dark I wouldn’t look like myself. But Brittany made me just a shade darker than my normal skin tone and it made a huge difference and I still looked like myself. I looked like I had time to lay out all summer and had a nice and natural sun kissed tan. It was perfect.

All images by Strouse Photography

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