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It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later – Life of a Military Spouse: Fort Bragg, NC

Well there are several things about being a military spouse that are hard…well a very long list and I am sure I will share more about that at a later date. But what I want to talk about today are “goodbyes”. One of my very good friends just jet setted off to a new adventure to Germany. And it is crazy because this same time last year one of my other good friends left for Germany too (why is it always around my birthday?)

Military Spouse

I have been in North Carolina for 8 years and I have said goodbye (or better said – see you later) to about a dozen close friends. And I am not saying people that I hung out with here or there, I am talking about people I have been shared hopes, dreams, tears, and laughs with. Ladies that have helped me through some really hard times.

I look at the last 8 years and I truly believe that these lovely ladies were put into my life for a purpose because knowing them made such an impact on my life. I can remember my first friend in North Carolina – we both just moved to Fort Bragg and knew no one. We had an instant friendship and were glued at the hip. We even looked alike and people would ask if  we were  related. When she moved I was devastated – and that was the beginning of feeling that sadness when goodbyes come way too often.

Military spouse Fort Bragg

And I understand that people come in and out of your life and “see you laters” are a fact of life however I feel like these are harder. When you boyfriend or spouse is gone in training or deployed you find people you depend on. You spend days and nights with your friends that have become family and even at times they can become your emergency contact because your family is hours away and your significant other is never consistently around.

These are the friends that know the pain and loneliness of having a significant other gone for months at a time. The friends that can tell when you just need to sit with someone even when you don’t talk. The friends that will pick you up and drop you off at work because you car is broken down or worse both cars are broken down. The friends that understand the “deployment curse” – because seriously it is real.

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You are so used to these friends in your life that it is hard to admit they are leaving. My friend Candita just moved and I don’t think it even felt real until the very last day. You always think there is more time together and more time see one another but the day comes and they leave. You promise each other you will stay in touch and luckily with social media it is more likely this is the case than ever before. But you miss them being a phone call away, you miss knowing that they can be at your house in 15 min to help you when you can’t get that chair into your house that you just bought. Or when you call crying because you can’t fix something so they send their husband over to help you.

Military spouse

Being a military spouse comes with many “see you laters” to your friends, family members, and spouses. “See you laters” become way to familiar and every PCS season you are crossing your fingers hoping your besties stay around. I currently have a pinky promise I won’t be moving…and that’s the plan UNLESS we are forced (ya know the military owns our husbands).

The one thing great about having friends all over the country, well world actually is that you have places to visit. I have a list of places that are a must to visit while my dear friends are scattered about – Texas, Colorado, Germany, DC, and I know the list will continue as the “see you laters” continue.

Military spouse Fort Bragg 3

So friends that have moved- I miss you- I miss being 15 minutes away grabbing a bite to eat and making shopping dates- I miss your company- but I know you were in my life for a reason and you did so much during that time to impact who I am. I am so grateful to have so many amazing ladies in my life even if you are far away.  

It’s not goodbye-it’s I will see you later

 Photos by A Traveler’s Heart Photography 

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