Cup of Sunshine

My Best Friend – Role Model – Biggest Fan : My Mother!

“you are my sunshine”

It is my mom’s birthday and there are no words to describe how much I love her and am grateful for her. She has had to deal with my crazy, emotional, tearful, dramatic self for 30 years so right there alone she deserves a medal or grand prize. But somehow she has survived and gets to enjoy another year of being my mom 🙂

When I was younger my mom and I used to bicker constantly – I always tried to test her with my smart mouth but oh she had none of that! My mom would continuously tell me that we are so much a like and this is why it was hard at times to see eye to eye but I would eventually turn into “my mother”. At the time I would think “OH NO NO NO I WILL NOT TURN INTO MY MOTHER” but now as an adult I know that if I am half of who my mother is I will be thankful.

My mother is the strongest person I know. She has survived and kicked cancer’s behind – all with a smile on her face! How do you even do that? Well MRS. RHONDA CAMPBELL certainly did. She never lost faith that she would survive even if she had to fit tooth and nail. It has been 5 years! 5 years since she has beat breast cancer and I could not be more thankful for that every single day she is with me. She was a great example on how to handle a awful and scary situation with laughter and love. Today she struggles with Lymphademia which causes lymphatic fluid to accumulate in her abdomen causing pain, fatigue, and infection but you would never know. My mom continues to smile and keep going even if she is hurting. We even makes jokes as her stomach inflates with fluid looking like she is 9 months pregnant and she just laughs along as she rubs her tummy saying she wishes it was a baby. My mom is my ROCK she teaches me to keep going even when it is hard and not to let ailments stop you from living life.

Everyone asks where I get my craftiness from – from my mother! But she is a million times better than me and that is why I am constantly on the phone with her when ever I am pursuing a new project. Facetime is the best invention ever because I can have her talk me through things step by step while watching me do it. My mother has so many talents and if she does not know how to do something she will learn! She has also taught me to not give up on working on something even if you do not get it right the first time. Either we have to continue on until it is perfect or if it is a work of art then make it into something else you will love.She inspires me to create and have fun while doing so.

My mother might only be 4’11 but she is a women not to be messed with and demands respect. She is confident and strong to the point where she will not let anyone walk all over her. I admire that – I aspire everyday to be more like her. My confidence was instilled by her – encouraging me to be myself and take chances and never let anyone make you feel like you are not great. My mother has been such an amazing example for me as I continue to find myself in this world

Saying my mom is generous is an understatement. She and my dad would and has dropped everything for her family and friends. I have never known another person that is so helpful and compassionate to others in my life. My dad and mom have showed me what generosity truly means. They work so hard to help others and be supportive in any way possible. So if I seem overly helpful and want to always lend a helpful hand – well it has been instilled on me from birth.

So a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend – role model- and biggest fan: My MOM! Thank you for always picking up my phone calls at any time of the day – listening to me complain-be dramatic-and cry. Thank you for always being there even though you are 10 hours away. Thank you for always having my back and continuous support. Oh and Thank You for always letting me steal your shoes, purses, makeup, jewelry: ect. which I now do with Allie my step daughter 🙂 Thanks for showing me how to be a better person. I love you and happy birthday


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