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Yolo – I am 30 !

“and the sun will rise”

Well it has been a month since I have turned 30 and I wanted to share with all of you how I have directed my mindset to “yolo”

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My hubby and friends that have continuously have heard me say “yolo” just laugh because I sound like such a weirdo – Which apart of the “yolo” mindset makes me really not care that people think I am weird because if they are my true friends they will love me regardless of all my “unique” behaviors.

So how has this filtered into my daily life:

life style blog 30Example 1: Well 2 weeks ago I woke up one morning and decided to dye my hair rose gold. This isn’t too odd of a behavior for me but generally I play it say and only would do the bottom of my hair so it can “be concealed” when needed but this time I just went for it and my whole head is a tint of rose gold and I must say I love it! Often times I refrain from being too over the top with my hair color because I am afraid people will not take me seriously. My entire life I have gotten “your pretty” which don’t get me wrong is wonderful. I take pride in my appearance but also I get completely disregarded for also being smart – which is why I often try to play it safe so I can be taken more seriously as a business woman. However, one morning I just woke up and said this is my life and if I want pink hair I am going to do it. I have proven myself thus far in life and if I want to be myself I should not have any reservations doing so. That being said I have gotten lots of compliments on my hair and I plan on keeping it through October to promote breast cancer awareness.

life style blog 30Example 2: My new website. Which hellllooo here it is! Not perfect but I am still working on it. For about 8 months now I have wanted to change the theme of my website but have been too afraid to attempt it because I know absolutely nothing about web design. However, it did not stop me last week when all of sudden that urge to change came up again and I took it! I will say it has been exhausting, time consuming, and an all around headache but I am very proud of myself for taking the jump and learning how to do something new. Also, I am eternally grateful for my friends that have heard me wine about this process and Ashley for being there every time I freak out and ruin something. I feel that this yolo attitude is helping me take chances, learn something new, and not be afraid to jump all in.


life style blog 30Example 3: Being true to myself. In the past I have let client cancellations slide and  individuals take advantage of my kindness but by doing this it has made me angry. It has made me frustrated with myself and clients. And then it clicked – I shouldn’t be frustrated with others, I just need to be true to myself and my business and operate in a structure that ensures me to not get taken advantage of. I think there is a time to be compassionate and emphatic but there is also a time to be business savvy.

These are just 3 examples of this “yolo” attitude and I am happy for it to continue. I am encouraged by the results so far and can’t wait to see what is to come.

All pictures by Celia Zou Photography and items from Pressed-A Creative Space

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