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First Float Experience at Floating Shanti | Cup of Sunshine | Fayetteville, NC

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live. Hans Christian Andersen”

Have you ever heard of float therapy? If not let me tell you about one of the most relaxing and euphoric 60 minutes that I have ever had in my life. On Sunday I had the opportunity to be one of the first floaters at the brand new wellness center located downtown Fayetteville, NC – Floating Shanti. Floating Shanti just open there doors to a brand new world of alternative medicine to Fayetteville. They offer float therapy, massage, reiki, and reflexology – each service provides a unique experience to healing.

So let me tell you about my first float experience!

I had been excited the entire week for my very first float! However, when the day came I became a bit nervous that I was not going to be able to sit still for 60 whole minutes! I am not used to relaxing to be honest – I generally have a million things going on in my mind and am rarely just sitting or laying (unless I am sleeping). I think many of you fellow entrepreneurs out there probably feel the same that taking time to do absolutely nothing can be tough – But it was worth every minute!

When I arrived Nicole, the owner, gave me step by step instructions on what to do. The first thing you are instructed to do is to shower and wash your hair. After doing so it is time to get into the tank. I turned off the room light but decided to leave the tank light on for a bit while I was getting settled. Once you are in the tank you feel warm and cozy almost you are cocooned in a giant womb. After about 10 minutes when I began to feel more comfortable I turned off the lights. It was absolutely silent ( you put ear plugs in) and entirely dark. This is when my mind started to wander – I tried to be in a meditative state where I did not think but my brain does not work that way. I decided to let the thoughts go in and out while I feel completely weightless.

A thought that bounced into my head frequently – “I am a Care bear in the clouds bouncing from cloud to cloud. Seeing colors floating around me and being in an entirely euphoric state.” It was a great feeling- like my inner creative child was filling my thoughts and just letting me embrace these 60 minutes of not worrying about the outside world.

During my session at first I was just laying there with my arms down or behind my head but as my body felt more relaxed then ever before I began to stretch my legs and my arms out as far as they could go. I felt as if I was a foot taller. I reached from side to side just letting my body move in the water and allowing myself to fully stretch without any pain or soreness. My bones and joints were cracking but in the best way possible. This overwhelming feeling of joy came over me as I was stretching, feeling like I was so powerful and my body could do anything. I highly recommend stretching out while in the tank. However, I know only being 5’2 I had a bit of an advantage stretching my legs and arms out without any restraint.

During the session I did take a couple of breaks where I sat up turned the light on and wiped my eyes. Nicole had let me know prior that taking breaks was entirely normal. So don’t feel bad if you try it and you can’t lay there the entire time.

Post float I got out and washed my body and hair off and had never felt better. I was in such a relax state that nothing could have caused me stress. My body felt amazing with no soreness from a stressful week, my mind was clear, and my heart was full of love.

The previous week I had come down with the flu so I had been achy all week and floating took that all away. I also have arthritis and the cold will effect my joints which it had been cold all week and that day so I couldn’t ask for a better time to float.

I highly recommend floating for a number of different reasons:

1. Stress Relief
2. Body aches and pain
3. Clear your mind
4. Feeling weightless
5. Feeling of euphoria and happiness

Certain things I did think about pre and post float to help your experience:
1. Don’t shave the day of if you get razor burn because it will sting
2. Don’t have a spray tan or any self tanner on
3. Lay off the coffee several hours prior
4. Bring a comb and leave-in conditioner for post float
5. Give yourself about an hour after your float to do anything productive. You’ll want to stay in that relaxed state.

Well my dear friends that was my experience! I plan on floating at least once a month! I hear the more you float the different experiences you can have. So I can’t wait for the next one.

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