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An Entrepreneurs Valentine’s Day Apology | A Cup of Sunshine | Fayetteville, NC

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

To my Spouse, Family, and Friends: 

I love you and I am sorry.

I promised you I would always be here for you no matter what – and I know I have failed to meet this promise.

I have missed birthdays, dates, phone calls, and even text messages. I have canceled plans and said I would call back and I haven’t.

I have been a bad spouse, family member, and friend and I feel guilty for letting this happen.

I have consumed myself in my business and I have had a blind eye to those around me. And I am sorry. I feel guilty for not being there for when you needed me or canceled plans after agreeing to be there.

Being an entrepreneur and having a life is a very difficult balance. You must work hard to achieve your goals but it can be lonely. I do miss all of you – I miss the chats we would have and the fun we would go and do. But I hope you will understand that it won’t be like this forever.

Please keep calling, texting, and inviting me to places. I do appreciate it more than you will ever understand. I might not always be able to chat or even meet up but that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about you. I watch your snapchats and see your children growing happy and healthy, I check up on your social media before I lay down to see the fun you have been having and I am happy for you.

But I do miss you – and I know I will be able to be the loved one I have been in the past after the craziness of opening up the new location settles a bit. Although, I also know I will always feel the pressure to work late nights and early mornings and I will need reminders to take a break every once and while for some fun and but be understanding when I won’t be able to be present.

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear loved ones – I am thinking of each one of you today.



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